A dedicated passion for creating professional car paint repair products...

At QuikTouch, our mission is designing and making the very best quality car paint repair products for the “Do it Yourself” customers.

Here you can simply tell us your car paint color code and we will pick up from there. We custom match and bottle each paint request in one working day.

Our professional car paint specialist and technicians are here to serve you with precise factory formulas and guaranteed 99.99% color match accuracy.

All the products we designed for you has been considered throughly and tested before we launch them into the market. We want them to be simple, easy to use with effective results. So just anyone can apply our paint products in one easy step.

We custom match each color by order and if you think your car has color deterioration due to long years, please simply contact us with your car year of manufacture, and model before checkout. Our technicians will tune in the color tone when mixing the paint for you.

Color Accuracy guaranteed on all our paint products

We have great trust in our products and as a commitment to our quality of work, we are proud to offer a conditional COLOR GUARANTEE. This is subject to normal manufacturing constraints and excludes and willful damage or neglect to the product. Should any of our products fail to perform to our normal standards of manufacture, you can return the item to us for replacement free of charge, you simply have to pay for delivery back to us. This guarantees is for all materials on the products.

Social responsibility

We are an equal opportunities group made up of people that share the same mission and goals. Our partner organisatons come from all parts of the world with a collective focus on skills and experience to deliver the best possible products and service.

All our manufacturing equipment and materials are 100% RoHS compliant that offers no harm to the environment, ensuring our workers and customers remain healthy. We offer this commitment as our part in protecting the world. We endeavour to use as much recyclable materials on packaging as possible as well as a social and environmental responsibility for the manufacturing process including upcycling and recycling equipment and faclities wherever possible.

Wa are proud of our achievements in creating a clean, safe, open working environment with a team of good hearted people who work together in harmony. We offer a never knowingly undersold policy on our charges for the products that we make and the services that we provide. Our small but perfectly formed business enjoys the goal of making the best quality car paint and repair products.

We hope that you approve of our products and welcome you as a customer.